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Commitment to Racial Equity



Dear SMYO friends and family,


As we process the tragic death of George Floyd and reflect on acts of violence against African Americans, there is now, more than ever, an increased awareness of the challenges faced by African American community members and others subjected to discrimination in our country.


This incident reminds us of the relevance of our mission: To provide a welcoming, diverse, inclusive, integrative music program that engages young people, ages 6-18, from all backgrounds, bridging economic divisions and cultural boundaries and fostering personal and social change. As such, SMYO continues to be committed to exploring ways we can help both our organization and our nation do better in addressing racial inequality.


SMYO is proud to be part of the fight against racial injustice. We will continue to learn, listen and grow in ways that help us support these efforts. Through music we explore our differences and commonalities and recognize the tremendous benefits of a pluralistic culture.


- The SMYO Team 

Santa Monica Youth Orchestra (310)985-3439