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Rehearsal Details:

Address: Virginia Ave Park (2200 Virginia Ave, Santa Monica CA 90404)

Youth Orchestra:               12pm-2pm

Symphonic Orchestra:       2pm-4pm

Youth Guitar Ensemble:     2pm-3pm

Parent Ukulele Ensemble: 3pm-4pm

Choir: 3pm-4pm

Open Door Ensemble: These rehearsals are dedicated to exploring music from our rich Santa Monica culture community.The orchestra will be divide themselves up playing in these following ensembles Chinese, Mariachi, Hawaiian and Bluegrass. 

09/09   12-4pm First Rehearsal/Orientation
09/16    No Rehearsal (VAP closed for private conference)
09/23    12-4pm Rehearsal
09/30    12-4pm Rehearsal

10/07    12-4pm Rehearsal (Open Door Ensemble*)
10/14    12-4pm Rehearsal
10/21    12-4pm Rehearsal

10/27 Mount Olive Mary's University Concert 2:00pm (Saturday)

10/27 Faculty Concert at the Hammer Museum 7:30pm (Saturday)

10/28    12-4pm Rehearsal  (Open Door Ensemble)

11/04    12-4pm Rehearsal (Open Door Ensemble & Sectional)
11/11    12-4pm Rehearsal 

11/17    "Artist Among Us" 1950 High Place 1:00-1:30pm Concert (Call Time 12:00noon)

11/18    12-4pm Rehearsal
11/25    12-4pm No Rehearsal - Thanks Giving Break

12/02    12-4pm Rehearsal
12/09    12-4pm Winter Concert at Mount Olive Church (Concert 3pm) 
12/16    12-4pm Rehearsal
12/23    No Rehearsal
12/30    No Rehearsal

End of 1st Semester - SMYO Winter Break

01/13    12-4pm Rehearsal (Open Registration)
01/20    12-4pm Rehearsal (Open Registration)
01/27    12-4pm Rehearsal 

02/03    12-4pm Rehearsal (Sound Walk Recording)
02/10    12-4pm Rehearsal
02/17    12-4pm Rehearsal (Sound Walk Recording)
02/23    10-1pm VAP Green's Festival SMYO Choir Performance (Saturday) 
02/24    12-4pm Rehearsal


04/03    12-4pm Rehearsal (Sound Walk & Performance @ VAP)
04/10    12-4pm Rehearsal
04/17    12-4pm Rehearsal
04/24    12-4pm Rehearsal
04/31    12-4pm Rehearsal

04/07    12-4pm Rehearsal
04/14    No Rehearsal, Spring Break
04/21    No Rehearsal, Spring Break
04/28    12-4pm Rehearsal

05/06    12-4pm Rehearsal
05/12    12-4pm Rehearsal 

05/19     Spring Concert

Stay tuned for OPUS 6!