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Hammer Concert

Submitted by hannah on Tue, 06/11/2019 - 15:11


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Opus 6 Newsletter #1

Travel the world through Opus Electives!




Invite your friends!

Only a few slots left- forward this email and click HERE to register

1st Annual World Music Celebration:
Hammer Museum


We are so proud of our musicians, and so grateful for our wonderful SMYO community!

Camp Payment Options

  • Check made out to "SMYO", mailed or delivered on the first day of camp

  • Cash, delivered on the first day of camp

  • Online, with a 2% service fee added (cash or check preferred)

Mailing address:
SMYO, PO Box 128, Santa Monica CA 90406


Countdown to

camp: 33 days!



Santa Monica Youth Orchestra (310)985-3439